The Speak Feed Lead Project offers public speaking and leadership classes, workshops, day camps, and coaching for children, youth and adults. For those who cannot afford our classes, discounted and FREE programs are also provided through donors and grants.  

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*Due to the Covid-19 pandemic ALL classes, workshops, camps, and coaching sessions are LIVE and ONLINE until further notice

The Speak Feed Lead Project

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To stop violence, drug use, disrespect, and incivility, children need to be heard. Violence will be silenced when children stop HURTING themselves and when they see how much they can HELP themselves through conversation and verbal skills.

Jackie Bailey, our founder, has been (for many years) teaching children, youth, and adults how to find their core beliefs; identify the experiences that taught those beliefs; and powerful ways to share their beliefs. She sees the empowering outcome of greater self-confidence when a child can barely look her in the eye on the first day of class, to several weeks later sharing an inspiring personal story to an audience of peers.

Our goal is to help all persons SPEAK with POWER; FEED others in word and deed, and to LEAD with POSITIVE INFLUENCE.

We will collaborate with public schools, correctional facilities, government agencies, and other nonprofits to teach children and adults how to tap into the POWER of VOICE; the POWER of SERVICE; and the POWER of LEADERSHIP

We believe there has been vast amounts of money spent on our educational system. However, children are being taught how to compete, and not how to connect. They are being taught how to research, and not how to be resilient.

Our programs provide lifelong skills to help children feel confident in what, why, and how they are who they are.

Virtual Public Speaking Classes for Grades 4 & 5


The students are mentored into greater and greater responsibility for their influence on others. They discover how powerful their thoughts are, and how success can be manifested for themselves and others through positive thinking, speaking, and leading. By this point, students are leading each class, and mentoring others. 
Units 9-12 


We begin with basic conversational skills, active listening, interviewing, friendship/relationship building, and empathy. Each student will discover his/her unique energy, ability, and message. They will give speeches about what brings them joy, personal values, and admired heroes. 
Units 1-4 

Virtual Public Speaking Classes for Grades 6-8

Our classes are meant to instill confidence in the confused, advantage to the abused, and empowerment to the unused. The curriculum for grades 4-12 focuses on three main areas; speaking, feedback, and leadership (also known as SPEAK FEED LEAD). 

Each main area of focus is facilitated in 4 units lasting 8 weeks each. Classes meet weekly either 60 minutes (grades 4-5) or 90 minutes (grades 6-8 & 9-12). Maximum attendance in each class is 10.

*During the Covid-19 pandemic, VIRUS PROOF workshops for out-of-school children/youth worldwide are available 3 days a week. 

Helping Adults and Children Worldwide Find Their Voice, and Deliver Their Message Powerfully

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 ​ We begin with a focus on empathy, service, and emotional intelligence. Students will learn that each of us has a message to share, and we not only inspire others by our unique message, but we discover ways we have been inspired by individuals who’ve been part of our journey. Each student will feel empowered providing feedback to others who strive to be more powerful communicators.

Units 5-8